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My internet journey began way back in 1995 when I began helping my friends build web pages. The internet was in its infancy and we all were dreaming of becoming rich. Well… that didn’t happen.  At least, not the way you’d think.

My name is Bill Hester, and I have been studying how to market things online since 1995.  I have been very active over the years.  Successes included affiliate marketing, web hosting, web design, SEO services, selling software, e-books, gift items, knives, Amazon business, and even copy editing.

One by-product of all this activity is that I learned a lot about the mechanics of marketing online.  There is more to it than I ever imagined, and over the years, I never stopped studying and learning. I knew that knowledge was the only true avenue to achieve my goals.

The reason I am telling you all this, is to explain why we are here interacting right now.  Bottom line, over the years I have helped a lot of friends with one venture after another… and I discovered that I love helping people.   I guess it’s in my nature.  I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and now I am going to share that knowledge with you.

I am not going to promise you riches.  I am not going to bend your ear with bunk or tell you that I can show you how to succeed without breaking a sweat.  What you will hear from me might be blunt, but it is the truth:

There is only one way that I know for sure that you will succeed in whatever it is you want to pursue.  That way is to LEARN everything you can about it.  Read about it, put what you learn into practice, follow your plan… and you WILL succeed.

THAT, I will promise you.


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BarBil Enterprises – Organized 1995

San Angelo, TX, USA

Bill Hester – Graphics Design, SEO Design, Web Design, Web Hosting, and Learning Center Admin