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Our small business resource center is underway. As we build our library of articles and e-courses, we get closer to fulfilling my dream.

You see, the BarBil Small Business Resource Center is the direct result of my many years of learning everything the hard way. For years I struggled to learn how to conduct business on the internet. Trial and error played a huge part in my learning process. When something didn’t pan out the way I thought it would, I didn’t quit. Didn’t give up. I just kept looking.

I knew there was a lot of information to be had… and I spent a lot of time looking. I remember thinking at the time, how great it would be if there was a website where I could get everything I needed. And now, many years later – my dream is finally coming to fruition.

Of course… now there are many hundreds of great business resources on the web!

So I am not trying to be a resource giant. But, I want to help those that I can. That’s why this site is focused on providing assistance to BarBil Enterprises customers. The members here are my web hosting customers, web design customers, and SEO customers.

But, of course – even if you have never used any of BarBil’s services, you are still welcome here!

So, my vision of providing a small business resource center is underway. As we continue to build our library of articles and e-courses, the Center will soon be a resource you can count on when you need it.

We just finished posting the WordPress Training Kit e-course and I am proud to say that after you take that course, you will be familiar and very comfortable with all aspects of using WordPress to build your online presence. Soon, we will follow that up with a Master Class on WordPress. Stay tuned!

In order to have access to any course, a student must be enrolled in that course. In order to enroll, the student must be registered on our site as a subscriber. Once registration and enrollment are complete, you may log in and navigate to a course outline.

Oh, BTW – You will notice that there are multiple levels of membership. Just choose the FREE level for now, as we have not added the paid content as of yet. (It will be coming soon.)

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