How to create a mailing list and get it rigtht

Today I will show you how to create a mailing list the right way. Then I will point out two of the worst pitfalls you should NEVER do. Whether you are trying to make a profit with affiliate programs or trying to spread the word about a new product you just created – You know you need a mailing list to help you get the word out and boost sales.

Mailing lists are commonly used as a way to give customers information about a specific product or service which the customers opt-in to learn more about. So you need to create a mailing list of people who actually WANT to hear about your product. That is easier said than done, I’m afraid. It takes time and effort. But, the rewards are worth every minute of your time. I promise.

The thought of doing all that work may overwhelm you. Then you might hear yourself saying, ” I think I’ll create a mailing list the EASY way!”

Buying Mail Lists Is a Very Bad Idea

That’s when you shop around and buy a safe list. This is a list compiled by third-party marketers for the purpose of selling to people like you. Their list is supposedly made up of people that once showed an interest in your product keyword at some point. Somewhere on the internet.

The problem with buying lists is they can end up classifying your site as a spamming site. You are sending emails to people who have absolutely no clue who you are. Or how you got their email address. So the first thing they do is send your email to the Junk bin. If they are having a particularly bad day, your unsolicited email may send them over the edge. Then they report you to your ISP. Nothing good ever comes from that.

My best advice is to avoid buying lists at all costs. While it may take some time, you have a better chance of achieving success by creating your own mailing list.

Create a Mailing List Using True Value Content

How? It’s not hard to do if you offer true value. Value in your product. Value in your articles. Value in your free gifts. Value in the content of your website. If you offer true value, people will recognize that value and crave more.

Your newsletter should be packed with quality content. Give your readers information that they can use. For instance – you could write about a new product that is currently being developed. Discuss what its benefits will be over the previous version. This type of information gives customers an insight into the products you offer as well as how they work. This also increases the chance that they will end up buying from you at some point in the future.

Your article must not only be helpful to your readers, but it must also be original.

Private Label Rights (PLR) Can Cause Trouble

Never, ever, copy and paste a PLR article into your newsletter. PLR articles, are articles in which the author or owner of the article gives you Private Label Rights over the content of the article. You may change it as little or as much as you wish, and you can claim it as your own.

If you don’t re-write it, Google will instantly flag it and penalize your ranking.

I personally use PLR articles quite often. But, I use them as a way to generate ideas and structure the points I want to make. Then I re-write it completely. The finished article is on the same subject and may even resemble the original – but it is not duplicate content.

A sure-fire method of enticing readers to sign up for your newsletter is to offer them an incentive.

To Create a Mailing List – Give a Reason to Sign Up

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This could be a discount, a tell-all “How To” article, free membership, or some other incentive that is geared towards your product. In today’s tough economy more and more people are looking for ways to get something for nothing. So, give it to them!

Follow that up with quality content and you are on your way to building a quality mailing list. A list made up of people that are interested in what YOU are saying, or doing. You have created a relationship with these people. They feel like they know you, and trust what you say.

At that point, you have built a quality mailing list. You should nurture it and treat it like the prize it is.