Advertise your website in your email signature! How easy is that? And yet… how many people would never think to do that? But… it is perfectly normal to want to share your blog with other people.

advertise your website in your email signature is a great idea
That’s a GREAT idea!!!

After all, it is a masterful creation. The more people see it, then the more you will be seen as the true genius you are.

Actually… there are a lot of cheap ways that you can get your blog noticed. One way is something that you do every single day. And you may not even consider it as a way to share your blog.

Put the link to your blog in your email signature.

Using Email to Advertise Your Website

Chances are that you send out emails more times than you can count during the day. Each time you send an email, you can advertise your blog by putting its address in your email’s signature.

It’s always a good idea to write something catchy like – See what I am up to now – or… Read the latest chapter of my book – depending on what type of blog you have.

The thing to remember when you advertise your website in your email signature is to make it short. But eyecatching.

Create Buzz with Email Signature Links

You want people to notice it. Create enough interest that they want to click on the link. Just be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to irritate them with spammy content.

Just like any other advertisement, you want to give them just enough to be interested. Entice them to take a closer look at what you are advertising. For instance, I am trying to get the word out about my free courseAffiliate Marketing School. So naturally, I am including that link in all of my emails.

Think hard about what your blog is all about. What is really going to interest people and entice them to visit? That is what you include in your signature. That is what will get people clicking on that link, and ultimately – visiting your blog.

Tell Me About It

Do YOU advertise your website in your email signature? Have you nabbed any leads or sales by using it? Take a few minutes and share your experiences with us! I’d love to hear about it. Just post a comment below.